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Dr Philine zu Ermgassen

Dr Philine zu Ermgassen


Subject: Natural Sciences (Biological)
Department: Zoology

Email: psez2@cam.ac.uk
Phone: (+44 1223 7) 68465

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Humans derive a large array of benefits from nature. These benefits are commonly termed “ecosystem services”. A sound understanding of the distribution and value of ecosystem services is increasingly valuable in management and decision making, yet many ecosystem services, particularly in the marine environment, are poorly understood.

I am working as part of a team within The Nature Conservancy to support and develop global maps of marine ecosystem service provision as part of a broader Mapping Ocean Wealth effort. My research focuses on the fish production value of various marine habitats, from seagrasses, saltmarshes, coral and oyster reefs, to offshore and pelagic habitats.

My current research is funded by The Nature Conservancy