Dr Andrea Giusti

Bye Fellow
spray combustion; soot emissions; numerical simulations; multiphase flows; liquid atomization; gas-turbine combustors; thermoacoustics and combustion noise;

Dr Andrea Giusti

Dr Andrea Giusti, Bye-Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Andrea is a Senior Research Associate at the Department of Engineering.

His research, sponsored by Rolls-Royce, is mainly focused on numerical simulations of spray combustion and multiphase flows, with the overall objective of developing environmentally friendly technologies to be used in next-generation gas turbine combustors.

His main research interests are in the investigation of the dynamic behaviour of turbulent flames and the development of numerical models for a reliable prediction of the processes involved in pollutant and noise emissions as well as flame response at adverse conditions. These include spray atomization, local extinction and blow-off, thermoacoustic instability, combustion noise, transport of combustion inhomogeneities, and soot formation and evolution.

He became a Bye-Fellow of the College in 2017 and he is currently supervising first- and second-year undergraduates in Engineering.