Dr Enrico Crema

Archaeology & Anthropology
Cultural evolution; computational and quantitative methods in archaeology; agent-based modelling; spatial analysis; prehistoric demography and settlement pattern; Jomon Culture
Fellow Communications Officer|Director of Studies, Archaeology

Dr Enrico Crema

Dr Enrico Crema, Fellow

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Enrico is an archaeologist actively engaged in the development and use of quantitative and computational methods to study the past, in particular using agent-based computer simulations and spatial statistics.

After obtaining a PhD at University College London with a thesis on long-terms cycles of settlement nucleation and dispersion, he spent several years researching in Great Britain, Spain, and Japan.

He has been recently appointed a University lecturer in computational analysis of long-term human cultural and biological dynamics at the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Enrico’s most recent work focuses on the development of computational techniques for reconstructing prehistoric population dynamics and inferring patterns of social learning from archaeological data.

He also contributes to the field of cultural evolutionary studies and in the theoretical and methodological cross-fertilization between the biological and the social sciences. 


  • 31 July 2018
    Dr Enrico Crema amongst recipients of a 2018 European Research Council starting grant
  • 22 November 2016
    Fitzwilliam welcomes five new Fellows in 2016: Dr Enrico Crema, Mr Tilman Flock, Dr Daria Frank, Dr Nicola Jones (Development Director) and Professor Ianthi Tsimpli.