Dr Yeonsook Heo

Environmental performance of buildings, performance-based design, building performance modelling and simulation
Director of Studies, Architecture

Dr Yeonsook Heo

Dr Yeonsook Heo
Dr Yeonsook Heo

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Dr Yeonsook Heo is a University Lecturer in Architecture and Fellow at Fitzwilliam. She specializes in building performance modelling and simulation, with expertise in uncertainty quantification and risk assessment. Her research is on developing models and methods for enhancing current practices in predicting and assessing building performance. She received the 2013 Outstanding Young Contributor award from the International Building Performance Simulation Association. Before coming to Cambridge, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Decision and Information Sciences Division at the Argonne National Laboratory. Her recent work at ANL includes developing a systematic calibration process with a Bayesian calibration framework and Gaussian process modelling for measurement and verification of building retrofit energy savings. She received her PhD in Building Technology from the Georgia Institute of Technology and BS in Architecture from Chung-Ang University.