Mr Myungun Kim

Bye Fellow
Global outsourcing and its impact on innovative and productivity/Global value chains

Mr MyunGun Kim

MyunGun Kim, Bye-Fellow

Myungun obtained a BA in Business and Administration from Korea University. He then obtained a Diploma and M.Res in Economics from the University of Cambridge and is currently a final-year PhD student in Economics under the guidance of Dr Sean Holly.

His field of research includes Global Value Chains (GVCs) and practice of offshoring and outsourcing and its effects on productivity and innovation. He achieved the Top Prize in the 8th Annual Global Analysis Research Contest held by the Korean Institute for International Economic Policy (KIIEP) in 2015. 

Myungun started teaching both under- and post-graduate students in 2015 and was awarded the Prize for Best Performance as a Teaching Assistant.

He currently teaches Quantitative Methods and Econometrics to first- and second-year undergraduate students, and Macroeconomics to postgraduate students.