Fellows may be lecturers and professors employed by a University faculty or department, or College-based lecturers employed solely by Fitzwilliam. Both are involved in full-time teaching and research. The varied research interests of our Fellows make Fitzwilliam a stimulating academic community.

  • Dr Robert Abayasekara
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, Medicine & Veterinary Medicine|Tutor
    Research: Reproductive endocrinology
  • Dr James Aitken
    | Subject:
    Theology & Religious Studies
    Praelector|Director of Studies, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies|Tutor for Graduate Students
    Research: Second Temple Judaism; Apocrypha; the Septuagint; Book of Judges; Hebrew language and Lexicography; Greek language and Lexicography.
  • Dr Bill Allison
    | Subject:
  • Dr Kasia Boddy
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, English
    Research: Modern American fiction and cultural history.
  • Dr Rachel Camina
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, Mathematics
    Research: Group theory.
  • Dr Holly Canuto
    | Subject:
    Biological Sciences
    College Lecturer, Biological Sciences|Director of Studies, Biological Sciences|Tutor for U/G Students|Admissions Tutor
    Research: Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR); Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); cancer; image analysis.
  • Professor David Cardwell
    | Subject:
    College Lecturer, Engineering
    Research: Processing and properties of bulk high temperature superconductors for high field engineering applications
  • Dr Hero Chalmers
    | Subject:
    Tutor for U/G Students|Director of Studies, English
    Research: Seventeenth-century literature with a particular interest in politics and women's writing.
  • Dr Paul Chirico
    | Subject:
    Senior Tutor|Financial Tutor|Fellow Librarian|Director of Studies, English|Disability Officer|Tutor for Graduate Students|Senior Tutor
    Research: Literature of the eighteenth century and Romantic periods, with a particular focus on the early nineteenth-century poet John Clare.
  • Dr David Cole
    | Subject:
    JMA Senior Vice-President|Director of Studies, Eng & Manufacturing Eng
  • Dr David Coomes
    | Subject:
    Plant Sciences
    Tutor|Director of Studies, Natural Sciences (Biological)
    Research: Impact of humans on ecosystem processes
  • Dr Christopher Cowie
    | Subject:
    Research: Metaethics and epistemology
  • Dr Jonathan Cullen
    | Subject:
    Environmental Officer|Tutor
  • Dr James Elliott
    | Subject:
    Materials Science
    Tutor for U/G Students|Director of Studies, Natural Sciences (Physical)
    Research: Pharmaceutical materials science; polymeric membranes; nanotubes and composite materials.
  • Dr Simon Gathercole
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, Theology & Religious Studies
    Research: Christology, and the doctrine of the atonement
  • Gabriel Glickman
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, History
    Research: Politics and religion in Britain and its overseas colonies 1660-1750.
  • Dr Julia Guarneri
    | Subject:
    American History
    Research: Nineteeth and twentieth century American history, especially cities, popular culture and consumerism
  • Dr Louise Hanson
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, Philosophy
  • Dr Sean Holly
    | Subject:
  • Mr Richard Hooley
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, LLM