Fellows may be lecturers and professors employed by a University faculty or department, or College-based lecturers employed solely by Fitzwilliam. Both are involved in full-time teaching and research. The varied research interests of our Fellows make Fitzwilliam a stimulating academic community.

  • Mr Richard Hooley
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, LLM & MCL
  • Dr Andrew Jardine
    | Subject:
    NST Physics
    Director of Studies, NST Physics
    Research: Atomic-scale surface dynamics; atomic and molecular beams; high strain-rate and shock physics
  • Dr Nicola Jones, Fellow
    Development Director
  • Professor Michael Kenny, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
    | Subject:
    Public Policy
  • Professor Dominic Keown
    | Subject:
    Modern & Medieval Languages
    Director of Studies, Modern & Medieval Languages
    Research: Catalan literature, film and cultural studies
  • Dr Rogier Kievit
    | Subject:
    Natural Sciences (Psychology)
    Undergraduate Tutor
    Research: Neurocognitive ageing; dynamics of psychological and neural changes across lifetime
  • Mr Francis Knights
    | Subject:
    Steward/SCR Steward|Director of Studies, Music|Tutor|President
    Research: Performance practice, musical instruments and theory, especially in Renaissance and Baroque music
  • Dr Alexei Kovalev
    | Subject:
    Research: Geometry, partial differential equations.
  • Professor Robin Langley
    | Subject:
  • Dr Emma Lees
    | Subject:
    Land Economy
    Dean|Environmental Officer|Director of Studies, Land Economy
    Research: Property Law; Environmental Law and Public and European Law
  • Dr John Leigh
    | Subject:
    Undergraduate Tutor, Modern & Medieval Languages|Director of Studies, Modern & Medieval Languages
    Research: Eighteenth-century French literature, principally Beaumarchais and Voltaire.
  • Mr James Manton, Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
    Research: Optical microscopy
  • Professor Epaminondas Mastorakos
    | Subject:
  • Professor Martin Millett
    | Subject:
    Classical Archaeology
    Research: Social and economic archaeology of the Roman world
  • Dr Cyrus Mostajeran, Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
    Research: Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Optimisation, Applications of Differential Geometry, Liquid Crystal Elastomers
  • Dr Subha Mukherji
    | Subject:
  • Dr Sara Owen
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, Classics|Admissions Tutor (Arts)|Undergraduate Tutor
    Research: Greek archaeology, particularly culture contact and exchange; Greek 'colonisation'; Text and archaeology (particularly Greek lyric).
  • Dr Ken Platts
    | Subject:
    Research: Manufacturing strategy
    Teaching: Structures, materials and manufacturing
  • Mr Andrew Powell
    Bursar|Data Protection Officer|Safeguarding Officer|Freedom of Information Officer
  • Dr Richard Powell, Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, Geography
    Research: Cultural, historical and political geographies; Histories of geographical thought; Circumpolar Arctic