Fellows may be lecturers and professors employed by a University faculty or department, or College-based lecturers employed solely by Fitzwilliam. Both are involved in full-time teaching and research. The varied research interests of our Fellows make Fitzwilliam a stimulating academic community.

  • Mr Andrew Powell
    Bursar|Data Protection Officer|Child Protection Officer|Freedom of Information Officer
  • Dr Richard Powell, Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, Geography
    Research: Cultural, historical and political geographies; Histories of geographical thought; Circumpolar Arctic
  • Dr Jason Rentfrow 2015
    | Subject:
    Social Psychology
    Tutor|Director of Studies, PBS
    Research: Personality, culture, music, geography
  • Dr Kourosh Saeb-Parsy
    | Subject:
    Clinical Medicine
    Director of Studies, Medicine
    Research: Transplant immunology, ischaemia-reperfusion injury and immunogenicity of stem cells
  • Dr Stephen Sawiak
    | Subject:
    Maths for Natural Sciences
    Assistant Director of Studies, Maths for Natural Sciences|JMA Senior Treasurer|Tutor
    Research: Morphometry; Structural imaging; Diffusion tensor imaging; Spectroscopy
  • Professor Nigel Slater
    | Subject:
    Chemical Engineering
    JMA Senior President
  • Dr Angie Tavernor
    | Subject:
    Veterinary Medicine
    Director of Studies, Pre-clinical Vet Science|Tutor for U/G Students
    Teaching: Veterinary anatomy.
  • Mr Andreas Televantos
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, Law
  • Prof Ianthi Tsimpli
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, Linguistics|Acting Tutor|Tutor
    Research: Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Language development and impairment, Bilingualism/Multilingualism
  • Dr Cora Uhlemann, Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
    | Subject:
  • Dr Bhaskar Vira
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, Geography|Tutor for Graduate Students
    Research: Political economy, development studies and environmental studies, with a regional focus on South Asia
  • Dr Anna Watson
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, Economics|College Lecturer 2, Economics
    Research: Open-economy macroeconomics, monetary economics and international trade.
  • Dr Andrew Wheatley
    | Subject:
    Fellow Safety Officer|Assistant Director of Studies, NST P (Chemistry)
    Research: Synthesis, Main Group Inorganic and Organometallic chemistry, Nanomaterials.
  • Dr Matthew Wingate
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, Mathematics|Tutor|JMA Senior Vice-President
    Research: Elementary particle physics, quarks and their interactions, lattice field theory
  • Mr David Winters, Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
    | Subject:
    Research: Twentieth and twenty-first century fiction; publishing history; sociology of literature and ideas