MCR Barbeque


For the Michaelmas term 2019 make travel arrangements so that you can arrive at the College on Thursday 3 October. 

If your course starts in September, or you will not be able to arrive on that date, contact the Graduate Office. Full term starts on 8 October (term dates). College orientation will be on 4-6 October with further evening social events during the week from 7 October. Most departments will arrange their orientation from 7 October onwards.

If you start in the Lent term (January) or the Easter term (April),  there will be fewer scheduled events, but you will still need to pick up keys and cards as below. Please contact the Graduate Office to discuss arrival dates.

Before you arrive

The following may be useful when planning your travel to Cambridge.  

MCR Freshers Week information and welcome booklet

University of Cambridge arrival information for new students - including the student registration process (annual for all students).  You will receive access to your email address once you have completed the registration process.

Pre-arrival information for international students including the International Student Guide

As soon as you arrive…

Go to the Porters’ Lodge at the College main entrance on Storey’s Way (map). At the Porters’ Lodge, you can:


Collect your room key and sign your accommodation contract.

University Card

Collect your University Card. The University Card allows access to University buildings, and works as a charge card in the College buttery and Café Bar. (If you collected your University Card from your Department, bring it with you so that it can be registered.)

Pigeon hole

Find your pigeon hole in the shelves near the Porters’ Lodge. Collect your welcome pack and any other information that's waiting for you. Please check your pigeon hole at least once a week, even if you live away from the main College site.  If you can't find your pigeon hole, or your welcome pack, please ask the Porters Lodge staff.


Meet the MCR. If you arrive on 3 October, members of the MCR (Middle Combination Room)  will be there to welcome you. If you miss them on your first day, Committee members and other graduate students can usually be found in the MCR Common Room in The Grove in the evenings.

Please note


Students cannot keep cars in Cambridge without permission. Student members must have University permission to keep a car in Cambridge and permission will be conditional on meeting certain requirements and on the availability of authorised parking for the vehicle.  More information on how to apply.


The College cannot take responsibility for your property before you arrive, and there is no storage space available. If you need to send your belongings by post, arrange for them to arrive at the same time as you do.


The Porters' Lodge is manned 24 hours a day. However, overnight, the Duty Porter acts as a security officer, so may leave the Lodge unmanned from time to time. If the Lodge is unmanned when you arrive, please wait for the Duty Porter's return.