MCR Common Room
the Orchards at Grantchester

A year in the life of the MCR

The Middle Combination Room (MCR) - not only the name for the community of graduate students, but also the common rooms for their use. At Fitzwilliam the MCR is housed inside The Grove, an elegant 19th Century house in the very centre of the College. The gallery below shows some of the things Fitzwilliam graduate students have been getting up to in the last year.  Find out more on the MCR's own website

Michaelmas Term

MCR Party - Goat Matriculation pre-dinner drinks Matriculation photo
MCR Welcome Party Matriculation drinks outside The Grove Matriculation photo
Graduate conference Winterwonderland trip to London MCR Christmas Dinner
Graduate conference - October Trip to London  - Winter Wonderland MCR Christmas Dinner

Lent term

Chinese New Year Puppy Day Chocolate Night
 Chinese New Year Party Puppy Day  MCR Chocolate Night
Womens VIII in the Lent Bumps Graduate concern Graduate conference - March
 Women's VIII win their blades  Graduate concert  Graduate conference

Easter term

Birthday cake in the College House kitchen Punting on the River Cam Tea in The Orchards at Grantchester
Birthday cake in the College House kitchen  Punting on the River Cam  Tea in The Orchards at Grantchester
MCR BBQ Graduation
 Jazz Night - Fitz Swing Summer BBQ on The Grove Lawn  Graduation