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Applying as an Undergraduate

Applications to Cambridge must be made online through UCAS by 15 October. Every applicant will automatically receive an online request for additional information that will help the College evaluate their application.

Entrance to the College is based on academic potential.  All applicants are assessed holistically and as individuals - we are not looking for a certain 'type' of student!  When assessing applications, we take account of several factors, including performance in public exams, Cambridge admissions assessments and at interview.

The typical conditional A Level offer for arts subjects (except Economics) and for Psychological and Behavioural Sciences for 2017 entry will be A*AA (excluding General Studies/Critical Thinking).

The typical conditional A Level offer for science subjects (excluding Psychological and Behavioural Sciences) and Economics entry will be A*A*A (excluding General Studies/Critical Thinking).

We may set slightly higher conditions if we are interested in making an offer, but need additional reassurance about your ability and potential. We do this because we believe it is in your best interests to be given the benefit of the doubt and receive the offer, rather than not. 

Please see the University website for more information on typical offers for students studying under other examination systems.

Please note that conditional offers will be based on a minimum of three full A Levels being studied simultaneously (i.e. applicants who have taken one or more A Levels early will still be expected to achieve the minimum offer set for them in the A Levels they have yet to take). 

More detailed information on individual course requirements can be found here.

Applying from outside the EU

If you're currently living outside the EU, in addition to your online UCAS application, you need to submit a Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA). If your family home is outside the EU but you'll be attending school/college within the EU at the time of your application, you don't need to submit a COPA.

For most students, the deadline for receipt of their UCAS application and COPA is 15 October. However, if you'd like to be interviewed in one of the countries where we conduct overseas interviews, earlier deadlines may apply.

For more details about the COPA and overseas interviews, visit the University's pages about applying from outside the EU.

Applicants currently studying at another university

Please be aware that Fitzwilliam College does not normally consider applications from those students who are currently studying for a degree at another university in the UK or elsewhere.

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