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Applying as an Affiliated Student

Graduates of other universities may be admitted to Cambridge as Affiliated students. Affiliated students take the more advanced parts of a Cambridge degree course and qualify for the BA degree in two years, instead of three. At Fitzwilliam they enjoy both undergraduate and postgraduate privileges.

Fitzwilliam College welcomes Affiliated applicants.  Applicants should have achieved or be in the process of achieving a First-class degree in their undergraduate studies at their first university.  Affiliated applicants are competing against well qualified candidates and competition is intense.  A candidate's chances of success are enhanced if they are able to attend an interview in Cambridge although this is not essential. Those candidates of whom we think highly but to whom we are unable to offer places  ourselves, are placed in a pool where other Colleges may consider them.

Affiliated applicants are also encouraged to apply to the colleges for mature-aged students: Hughes Hall, Wolfson, St Edmunds and Lucy Cavendish (women only).

Affiliated applicants must make an application through UCAS and must demonstrate that they are able to cover the financial costs of attending the University as the College is unable to provide any financial assistance.