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Building Fitzwilliam

In July 2013, the naming of The Olisa Library by the Chancellor, Lord Sainsbury, marked the completion of the first phase of the 150th Anniversary Campaign. The next phase is focussing on the urgent transformation of our original Lasdun buildings, which are now fifty years old and in need of extensive updating.

The Central Building

Work is already underway to transform the Central building into an exciting place fit for its purpose at the heart of College life. The new extension at the rear of the Old Library will open in Easter term 2014. It has been designed by Cullinan Studio, architects of The Olisa Library.

Thanks to the generous support of Doug and Rachael Webb (both 1979), Paul Forster (1983) and a bequest from Vivian Povah (1951), the College has been able to bring forward work on the Upper Hall (formerly the Old Library). As well as being more attractive and more carbon-efficient, the Upper Hall will become a multi-purpose space for meeting, dining and performing.


Fitzwilliam's original accommodation has scarcely changed since the 1960s, and its fifty-year-old windows, roofs, plumbing and electrics need urgent attention. With your help, Fitzwilliam aims to provide some of the most attractive accommodation in Cambridge.

Substantial sums are needed to fund the transformation of our Lasdun Buildings. To find out more about the projects, see Fitzwilliam's Vision for the Future (PDF/Issuu). To make a donation, please contact the Development Office.

new kitchen extension


Reinterpreting our 1960s heritage to build a 21st century community. (PDF via Issuu)