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Choosing your room

We do our best to fulfil the requests on your accommodation application form, but we cannot promise to match your requirements completely. There is very high demand for some rooms, such as those on the main College site. Rooms are allocated once we know that you have met the conditions of your University offer and admission is confirmed.

When choosing your room, please bear in mind the following:


Price. Smaller rooms are generally cheaper. Larger and en suite rooms are more expensive.


Location. Fitzwilliam College is about 1km from the centre of Cambridge. Most College rooms and houses are very near the College site. The Glisson Road hostel is on the south side of the city, about 3km away.

If you choose to take private accommodation - please note the University regulations which require you to live no more than 10 miles from the city centre.


Mixed housing. Almost all houses and staircases on the main College site accommodate both male and female students.


Transport. Students cannot keep cars in Cambridge without permission - which is only granted in exceptional circumstances. The College and the University expect most students to get around on foot, on a bicycle, or by public transport. The University Bus Service runs every twenty minutes and stops close to most departments.  To discuss your need for a car in Cambridge, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office.

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