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Graduate housing ballot

Graduate students who are continuing their membership of Fitzwilliam College from previous years choose their accommodation using the Graduate Housing Ballot. The ballot usually takes place in May; the exact date is announced by the MCR, who organise and run the ballot.

Who's eligible?

  • Any current Fitzwilliam graduate student with funding guaranteed for next academic year.

  • Any current Fitzwilliam undergraduate who will become a graduate student in October on a course with guaranteed funding (such as Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, or the PGCE).

  • Any fourth-year PhD student, provided he or she is able to sign a 39-week accommodation contract. (If you believe you will be completing your PhD before that period of time has elapsed, you are advised to discuss your eligibility with Sue Free, Graduate Officer  before entering the ballot.)

MPhil students who have applied to do a PhD but have not yet proved their financial guarantee are not eligible, and will be classed as new students and allocated accommodation as such.


The following have priority in the ballot:

1) Holders of the following Scholarships and Studentship

  • The Fitzwilliam One-year Studentship (if holder is staying on for futher studies) (1 award holder)
  • The Fitzwilliam PhD Studentship (1 award holder)
  • The Leathersellers Scholarships (up to 4 award holders)
  • ED Davies Scholar (2 award holders)
  • College Graduate Scholar (1 award holder).  Note - This is not the same as a College Senior Scholarship - which does not give ballot priority.

2) Existing MCR Committee Members


The MCR Committee will produce a booklet with information on all the College accommodation, and send out an email and letter explaining the rules of the ballot, which houses and rooms are included, and the rent for each room. Plans of houses will also be available for inspection in the MCR. The ballot form will allow for five choices - these can be either individual rooms, or a whole house or staircase (such as "any room on H staircase" or "any room on H staircase, but H26 preferred"). See choosing your room for some factors to consider.

All names will be put into a box and drawn out one at a time to produce a list. A 'choosing time-slot' will be allocated in list order and all entrants informed.  If an individual is not able to attend at their allocated time slot, then they will be allocated a room according to the choices on their ballot form.  Allocation will be done by the MCR Accommodation Officer together with the Accommodation Secretary (Sandra Welch).

Rooms allocated are available from the Thursday before the first day of Full Term and the contract for a room must be signed within about 21 days of allocation. Contracts are issued by the College Bursary. If a room becomes available earlier than this, the student will be able to move in early if he or she wishes. (This does not affect the 39-week contract).

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