Rents & contracts

Accommodation rent is charged at the start of each term, for 13 weeks. Rents are shown below on a per-week basis, and include heating, electricity, water, internet connection and a basic cover for personal possessions insurance. In addition, a kitchen fixed charge applies to all students, but varies depending on location.

Students are exempt from council tax, but couples in College accommodation may be liable if one of the couple is not able to prove exemption from payment. A non-British spouse or dependent is also usually exempt. The City Council website provides more information and details on how to apply for exemption. 

Rents - academic year 2016-2017


  • Fully en suite - these rooms will have their own toilet, washbasin and shower or bath
  • Own shower - these rooms have their own shower and usually washbasin. Toilet facilities are shared with other rooms
  • Standard - these room do not have their own toilets or showers.  Some rooms have their own washbasins
  • Kitchens - all rooms have access to a shared kitchen
  • Self-contained single flat - these rooms have a kitchenette, as well as an en suite bathroom
  • Room size - within each category, the cheaper rooms will be smaller

What is included in the rent

  • Fully-furnished room, with bed, desk, chair and storage space
  • En suite or shared washing and toilet facilities
  • Use of shared kitchen space (self-contained flat has own kitchenette)
  • Heating, power and lighting to agreed College standards
  • Daily cleaning of common ares and weekly cleaning of bedrooms
  • IT services via the College network, with a free quarterly data allowance of 200GB (There may be a charge for additional usage.  See IT Charges)
  • Basic cover for Personal Possessions Insurance 
  • The right to use shared laundry facilities (charges apply for use of these)

Rent rates

Variation in rent for rooms of the same type is usually due to size.

Rooms on the main College site

  • Standard - small/medium - £100 - £104.50 per week
  • Standard - medium/large - £110.50 - £126.50 per week
  • Standard - extra large - £129 - £131.50 per week
  • With own shower  - small/medium £126.50  per week
  • With own shower - medium/large - £129 - £137
  • Fully en suite - £129  per week (note only 1 small room available)

Rooms at Glisson Road

  • Fully en suite - small/medium -  £126.50 - £134.50  per week
  • Fully en suite - medium/large - £137 - £145  per week
  • Fully en suite - extra large -  £147.50 per week

Rooms in College houses and hostels near to Fitzwilliam College

  • Standard - small/medium - £104.50 - £110.50 per week
  • Standard - medium/large - £113 - £123.50 per week
  • Standard - extra large - £123.50
  • With own shower - small/medium - £123.50
  • With own shower - medium/large - £126.50 - £134.50
  • Fully en suite - small/medium - £134.50  per week (there is one very small en-suite at £126.50 per week)
  • Fully en suite - medium/large - £137 - £145 per week
  • Fully en suite - extra large - £147.50
  • Self-contained single flat - £152 per week

Double/family flats

  • Double bedsits (Huntingdon Road) - £147 - £156 per week
  • Canterbury Street - £170.50 per week 
  • Halifax Road and Neale House apartments - £178.50 - £194 per week
  • Larger flats (Huntingdon Road) - £236.50

Room contracts

Graduate students sign a 39-week contract for College accommodation (October to the end June/early July - in 2017 the date will be 1st July). This contract is for a specific room, but transfer between rooms is possible when availability permits it. In most cases, College accommodation contracts can be extended to September, as graduate accommodation is available throughout the long vacation in the summer. The latest date for leaving will be around 25th September.  All enquiries about contracts should be made to the College Accommodation Office.

Cooling-off period

New students sign their contracts when they collect their key on arrival at the College. As the room is therefore provided 'unseen', a ten-day cooling-off period is granted during which time the contract may be ended at the student's request. In subsequent years, students will choose their room via the graduate housing ballot.

Field studies, and other periods away from Cambridge

If the course requires field studies (or similar) away from Cambridge for a term or more, a student can usually be released from their contract without penalty. All requests must be made in advance to the College Accommodation Office.  

ANUK (Accreditation Network UK) Code of Practice

The College is a member of the ANUK Code of Practice on Student Accommodation.

National Code

Fitzwilliam College is part of ANUK (Accreditation Network UK) and the National Code for student accommodation.