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Personal Possessions Insurance

Students living in College-owned accommodation - both on the main College site and in College houses - are covered for a basic level of Personal Possessions Insurance

How much does it cost?

Rates for 2016-2017 academic year

The rate is extremely competitive on the basis that all students in accommodation are covered. There is no provision of opting out, but you can top it up, if there is not enough cover for your own circumstances.

  • £0.34 / week included as part of the rent.  This applies to all students irrespective of the length of their rental contract.  

Who is covered? (Schedule Endorsement)

All 3 of the following criteria must apply

  • Anyone with 'current student' status on the University of Cambridge register of students
  • Student membership of Fitzwilliam College
  • Living in College owned accommodation and holding a valid student rent contract with the College

In addition the following are treated as students and covered by insurance

  • A student who has recently completed their course and remains living in College accommodation - who is continuing under the student contract, and on the student rent rates until the next billing period.

The following are not covered

  • From the start of the next billing period following completion of the course.  Anyone in this category will require a 'visitor' contract
  • Anyone else renting College accommodation under a 'visitor' contract.

How much cover do I have?

See Student Contents Insurance - Summary Information

Please note the following important information about bicycle insurance

Your bicycle will only be covered against theft if it is securely locked to an immovable object. You will therefore need to have a cycle lock which is long enough to go through the frame, the front wheel of the bicycle and the immovable object.

Your bicycle will not be covered under the insurance scheme if;

  • it is locked only to itself
  • it is left, unlocked, in a cycle storage area, or anywhere else.
  • only the front wheel is locked to an immovable object

What do I do if this is not enough cover for all my possessions?

This policy provides a cushion of cover for all students. If the cover levels shown are not adequate, simply go online and top them up. You will be able to choose which areas of cover you would like to increase, get a quote, take out the policy, pay, and email yourself the documents.

How do I make a claim?

If the claim relates to your own contents you can submit a claim direct to the insurance company. If the claim relates to the property, for example, in the case of attempted break-in or water leak - please contact the Porters' Lodge in the first instance.


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