Financial support

College bill

Students pay tuition fees, room rent, and other charges directly to the College. Payment can be by cheque, debit card or direct bank payment.

Payment dates

College bills (invoices) are issued at the beginning of each term, and sent by email. Tuition fees for the whole academic year are included on the Michaelmas term bill. Bills are due for payment by the 8th day of full term.

Dates for 2018-19

  • Michaelmas 2018 - 10 October
  • Lent 2019 - 23 January
  • Easter 2019 - 1 May

Dates for 2019-2020

  • Michaelmas 2019 - 16 October
  • Lent 2020 - 22 January
  • Easter 2020 - 29 April

If your fees are paid by a sponsor then the sponsor will be invoiced separately. Queries about payments can be sent to the Student Accounts Office via email or helpdesk.

Leavers will receive a final College bill at the end of their last term, which will include all charges incurred since the previous bill.  This must be paid not later than 7 days before graduation.

Late payment: The College imposes fines for late payment, so if you have a problem please let the Bursary and your Tutor know straight away

Items on your College bill

For Rates see right hand side margin link.

The following items are billed in advance:

  • Fees  - The full annual tuition fee is charged at the start of the Michaelmas term (for information about how we invoice sponsors, or for paying in installments, please see FAQs)
  • Room rent  - termly​
  • Minimum meals charge  - termly
  • Kitchen fixed charge -  termly
  • Linen hire - termly, in arrears (only for those who choose to hire linen)
  • Fitzwilliam deposit - one-off payment at the start of your course returnable when your course is completed.  
  • Accident transport fund -  charged in Michaelmas term only
  • Fitzwilliam Society subscription - a termly rate - capped at 9 terms total for the entirety of your Fitzwilliam College membership.

Other items incurred during the term, such as food and drink and printing costs, will appear on the bill issued at the start of the following term.

Room rent

Rent includes heating, lighting, electricity and water, plus computer connection and data allowance, a basic level of personal possessions insurance and weekly cleaning.

Undergraduate Rents and Contracts - Graduate Rents and Contracts

Minimum meals charge (MMC)

It is expected that all students will take a proportion of their meals in the Hall. The MMC, which is charged at the beginning of each term, provides a credit which can be spent against meals of choice (including Formal Halls) in the Hall and Cafe in the term for which it applies. To spend your MMC you must use your University Card at the till. The cost will be debited to your account and you gradually use up the MMC for the term. 

If you overspend on the MMC the additional charge will be debited to your student account. Unspent MMC cannot be carried forward from one term to another.

Kitchen fixed charge (KFC)

Eating together is a central part of the academic community life of the College. To support it, the College maintains extensive facilities and professional staff to ensure  it is capable of providing meals to members of the College and their guests on a day to day basis and on special occasions. The KFC is a contribution to the overhead costs of the College catering operation and helps the College maintain student meal prices at affordable levels.

Rates for KFC vary depending on your type of accommodation. 

  • Students who do not live on the main College site pay a lower rate of KFC and MMC reflecting the fact that they have less opportunity to take meals in College. 
  • Graduate students may opt out of the MMC, but if so they pay a slightly higher KFC (Option B).
  • Option A is the default for all students. Graduate students may choose Option B but must request to change. 
  • To change your option, please send a request via Helpdesk before the start of term. During your first term in Cambridge you have an additional week in which to change your option.

Linen hire

Bed linen (sheets and pillowcases) and duvet may be hired from the College. Towels are not provided. To hire linen please complete an online form and return it before the start of the academic year.  Linen hire is charged in arrears.

Fitzwilliam deposit

A deposit is charged in the first bill and will be returned shortly after the end of the final term, less deductions for any unpaid charges. These may include charges for any dilapidations in the room which are not considered by the College to be normal 'wear and tear'.

Accident transport fund

This fund is run in co-operation with the Junior Members Association (JMA) and Panther Taxis. All students contribute to the fund which provides for emergency travel needs or for when injury or serious illness prevents independent travel between Fitzwilliam College and departments of the University.  Further details.

Fitzwilliam Society

Life membership of the Fitzwilliam Society, including subscription to the Fitzwilliam Journal.

Fees and funding