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Graduate travel funds

Thanks to the generosity of alumni of the College and other donors, the College is able to provide financial support for research and related activities, including travel and conference attendance.  All postgraduate students are eligible to apply each year of their study.

The maximum support available is £400 per year and no single award will normally exceed £250. 

NEW FUND LIMITS - on a trail basis, for 2018-19 academic year, the upper limit has been raised to £800. This applies to all applications made from 14 January 2019 onwards. The scheme is subject to a maximum amount of total available funding; if this limit is exceeded, no further awards will be made at the enhanced rate for the remaining part of the academic year.

Application Process

  • Please download the form.  Complete your section and ask your Supervisor or Course Director to comment and then to send it to your College Graduate Tutor.  
  • The fully completed form should be forwarded to the Graduate Officer.
  • Application Form [pdf format]
  • Application Form [Word format] 


  • You must apply before you travel.
  • Deadline for application, to support any travel or project undertaken before 30th September, is 1st July


Please see a list of available Postgraduate Travel Funds. Specific funds do not need to be quoted on the application form

Veterinary students -