We want the finance of an undergraduate or graduate course to be simple - so you can focus on your studies, not on your bank account.

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We help when there is simply not enough money to go round, offering discreet support where it’s needed most. Many alumni who valued their own time at Fitzwilliam want to help today’s students and have provided bursaries and other funds for financial emergencies.

We help with big ideas. There are travel funds available each vacation to help Fitzwilliam students broaden their education. It’s in everyone’s interests for our students to see the world, and we are determined that financial circumstances should not hold anyone back.

We reward excellence. There are prizes for exceptional academic performance, as well as support to offset some of the costs of playing music or sport at the highest levels.

Frequently asked questions

Can I work through vacations to pay my way? 

You can work during vacations, but we're keen to help you limit the need, so that you can use at least part of the time to rest, read and seek out new challenges.

We’re very much aware that students take on debt to study, and at Fitzwilliam there are various ways that we try to help.
Andrew Powell, Bursar