Fitzwilliam College Music Society

Fitzwilliam College Music Society oversees all things musical at the College. It is one of the College's senior societies, bringing together undergraduates, postgraduates and fellows; its Senior President is the Master, who chairs meetings and is actively involved in the Society's affairs.

The committee meets at the beginning and end of every term to discuss concerts running in the College and the upkeep of musical instruments. Concerts are organised by members of FCMS with frequent co-operation from College musicians and the Director of Music, Organ Scholars and the Chapel Choir.

At the end of every academic year FCMS holds its May Week garden party in the College grounds: with acts such as Fitz Swing, the Chapel Choir, Fitz Barbershop and The Sirens taking part, this is one of the largest events in May Week, enjoyed by students, staff and alumni across the University.

Joining FCMS

Membership of FCMS is open to all Fitzwilliam students automatically. For any further information about the Society, please contact the Junior President, Hannah Roper (

Committee 2015-2016

FCMS Committee

President: The Master
Director of Music: Katharine Parton
Senior Treasurer: Barry Landy
Junior President: Hannah Roper
Junior Vice-President: Anna Lush
Junior Treasurer: Isaac Jarrett-Barnham
Secretary: Anna Sozanska
Sirens liaison: Pippa Quincey
Graduate liaison: Richard Bateman
Sessions liaison: 
Rob Folkes 
Senior Organ Scholar: Amalie Fisher 
General members: Grace Miller