Language support

Language Support

The College has funds to support students learning a foreign language through the Cambridge University Language Programme (CULP) and for the in-sessional Academic Development and Training for International Student (ADTIS) programme, if this is not a condition of admission.

Cambridge University Language Programme

The Cambridge University Language Programme offers courses in 11 different languages: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Modern Greek, Russian, Spanish, and Swahili.

Each course consists of 30 lessons (50 minutes each) in the classroom, 15 hours work with online resources, and 15 hours self-study.

This programme is open to all Fitzwilliam students. Students make their own arrangements for registration on a particular course. The College will pay 50% of the course fee, on successful completion of the course 

How to apply for College funding:

  • please send completion certificate and breakdown of marks to the Tutorial Officer (Ms Sally Law).


  • Students seeking support for more than one language in an academic year should also supply a letter of support from their Director of Studies (for Undergraduates) or Course Director/Supervisor (for Graduates).
  • Funding cannot be offered for 'attendance only' courses.

Language Centre in-sessional courses

The Language Centre runs an in-sessional support programme or those who wish to improve their academic English communication and language skills,  which is tailored towards the needs of individual students.

The College will pay the full cost, for a student attending the course if

  • Attendance on the course was not a condition of  your admission to the University
  • In the case of a Graduate student, the Supervisor or Course Director supports the request and agrees that it would be beneficial
  • In the case of an Undergraduate student, the Director of Studies and the College Tutor supports the request and agrees that it would be beneficial
  • The time commitment required for the  course would not be detrimental to your main study.
  • The College will require termly reports from the Director of Studies or the Supervisor regarding your progress.

How to apply for College funding: 

  • Review the information on the Language Centre website
  • Discuss your request to take the course with your Supervisor or Director of Studies.
  • Download the In-Sessional  registration form 
  • Complete the form, and take it to your College Tutor, together with the evidence of support from your Supervisor or Director of Studies, so that the Tutor can authorise the College payment.  
  • Evidence of support - ask your Supervisor/Director of Studies to email your Tutor, or complete this form.
  • The authorised In-sessional registration form must be returned to the Tutorial Office
  • The Language Centre will invoice the College, so you should not need to pay yourself.