We are one of the more modern colleges within the University of Cambridge, and we enjoy a large and tranquil site within reach of all the major Faculties and Departments.

Location, Services and Transport

Fitzwilliam is a 20-minute walk from the city centre (down Castle Hill). 30 minutes to the New Museums Site and Downing Site. 15-20 minutes to Sidgwick Site and University Library via Grange Road, 15-20 minutes to the West Cambridge Site  and five minutes to the Mathematics Faculty .  The University-subsidised bus service (the Uni 4) stops in Madingley Road.

Traffic: Huntingdon Road, Castle Hill and Storey's Way are all very busy with traffic. Pavements are not particularly wide, and crossing the road can be dangerous.

Services and shops: Very little before city centre. Pubs and Indian restaurants on Castle Hill. Local shops are available on Histon Road (10-15 minute walk from College)

Parking: Plenty of parking, at front and back entrances. Three designated disabled bays. Disabled students can obtain a permit. Disabled conference guests can also park here.

Other transport options: The Uni 4 bus stops on Madingley Road. Local bus stop on Huntingdon Road.

General Information

A modern College, located a short distance outside the city centre. A manual wheelchair is available to borrow from porters. A map showing routes for wheelchair users and locations of toilets and lifts available.

Smoking: No smoking in any College building.

Medical facilities: Nurse holds a daily surgery based in New Hall during full term, 9am–12.30pm Mon, Tue, Thurs and Fri, 4pm–7.30pm Wednesday (tel. 01223 762 239). Sick bay in porters' lodge.

Emergency procedures: Advise porters' lodge if you will need help evacuating in an emergency. Refuge areas near lifts.

Accommodation and Catering

Wheelchair-accessible rooms: Two en suite rooms for wheelchair users, in Wilson Court.

Other rooms: Some en suite rooms, and some with lift access, but not many that are suitable for wheelchair users. Rooms can be adapted according to individual need.

Live-in assistants and assistance dogs: Live-in assistants a possibility. Assistants have been accommodated for conference guests. Live-in dogs are no problem.

Early induction and vacation stays: Early induction possible. Staying over vacation is no problem, at a charge.

Catering: Cafeteria serves three meals a day, as well as regular formal halls. Kitchen facilities depend on accommodation but are generally small. No adapted kitchen facilities currently.

Special diets: Special diets and allergies are generally no problem. Discuss your needs with the nurse at the start of term, or directly with catering manager. Cafeteria can give information on ingredients.

Physical Access

College grounds: Level front and back entrances to College. Mostly smooth slabbed paving, level or sloping, and steps can be avoided. Some benches around site.

College buildings: Lifts in Gatehouse Court and in new auditorium. Several wheelchair lifts give access to various other buildings. Security system on some doors operated by proximity card.

Coffee Shop/Bar: Level access from main entrance (side entrance has 2 steps), with a few moveable chairs and tables. Disabled toilet nearby.

Cafeteria: Self-service cafeteria, with plenty of space. Next to hall. Epos card system for payment. Disabled toilet nearby.

Chapel: Flight of stairs up from main entrance, with two handrails. Chairlift access for wheelchairs to the back of the chapel, on prior arrangement. Smooth and spacious inside, with moveable chairs.

College offices: Some offices on ground floor. Tutorial office is upstairs, but staff can meet you elsewhere on arrangement.

Common rooms: JCR is near bar. Spacious and level, with disabled toilet nearby.

Music rooms: accessible, with disabled toilet nearby.

Computer facilities: Level access to computer room on H staircase. Moveable chairs.

Dining hall: Level access to hall, with moveable chairs and long benches. Smooth and spacious inside. Disabled toilet nearby.

Fellows' areas: Temporary metal ramp available for access to Fellows' areas in Grove. No disabled toilet.

Gardens: Gardens are within the College site. Steps can be avoided. Mostly slabbed paving, with a small amount of gravel. Some benches.

Laundry: Level access to laundry.

Library: Level access, lift to all levels.

Auditorium: Good access, including lift and toilet nearby.

Porters' lodge and post room: Level access to Porters' Lodge from main entrance. Smooth and level.

Sport facilities: Gym in basement, down stairs. Sports fields on Oxford Road. Level access to pavilion itself, one step to changing areas, and no disabled toilet.

Toilets: Disabled toilets on all three floors of Gatehouse Court, in Wilson Court, in auditorium, near music rooms, near bar/hall and opposite chapel.

Visual Impairments

Assistance dogs are welcome.

Computer facilities: Special hardware and software for visually-impaired users can be provided as necessary.

Large print, Braille and audio: Large print letters and information on request.

Library and magnification equipment: No special facilities for text enlargement at present. Please contact the Librarian.

Signs and wayfinding: Good directional signposting around College.

Lighting: Excellent lighting in chapel and hall, and generally around College.

Most steps and stairs have markings.

Hearing Impairments

Induction loops: Infra-red hearing enhancement system in auditorium, which operates with either headsets or individual loops. Induction loops hired in if needed.

Alarms: Two vibrating pillows and visual alarms in adapted rooms.

Other: Generally quiet around College. Quiet revision room available during exam period.

Specific Learning Difficulties and Mental Health Issues

Arrangements for students with Specific Learning Difficulties are on an individual basis, in conjunction with the Disability Resource Centre. Discuss your needs with your tutor.

Planned Access Improvements

New level access to Hall Building and lift to first floor recently installed.


Dr Paul Chirico

Telephone: 01223 332 027

Email: disability.officer@fitz.cam.ac.uk