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Your Tutor is your representative in College and in the University, and takes an interest in your wellbeing and progress and can offer help and advice on any matter - academic, social, financial, medical or personal.

Undergraduate students must see their Tutor at the beginning and end of each term.  He or she will also be happy to meet you at any other point. All students can contact their Tutor directly by email to arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient time. It is important that you get to know each other so that you have a good basis to work together to deal with any issue that may arise. 

A Tutor's key roles include:

  • Advising on academic issues, work/life balance etc.
  • Offering support if you face personal difficulties, such as homesickness, bereavement or relationship trouble.
  • Supporting you in extracurricular activities and advising on applications for travel grants and funds.
  • Supporting you in applications for maintenance bursaries and other funding and advising on financial problems.
  • Acting as a referee in job applications.
  • Representing your interests if you get into trouble with the College, University, or Police.
  • Supporting you (and if necessary liaising with your Director of Studies or the Board of Examinations) should you be taken ill.
  • Offering advice if you are considering changing subjects.

Although your personal Tutor will deal sensitively with any issue, if you would prefer to discuss a particular matter with any other Tutor, you are welcome to contact them.

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Read the definition of the Tutor's role from the Senior Tutors' Committee.