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Contact your Tutor

If you would like to see your Tutor please contact them via email and they will endeavour to make themselves available for a meeting, where appropriate, within three working days during Term. (Tutors do not have fixed weekly office hours.)

Undergraduate Tutors

Tutor Room Email

Dr Robert Abayasekara

D 23

Dr Holly Canuto

L 10c

Dr James Elliott

J 11c

Dr Simon Gathercole

Q 13

Mr Francis Knights

I 05

Dr Matt Neal

Dr Sara Owen

O 12

Dr Angie Tavernor

D 22

Dr Matt Wingate

L 10b

Graduate Tutors

Tutor Room Email

Dr Bhaskar Vira

The Grove, 10

Dr Rachel Camina

O 21

Dr David Coomes

J 11a

Dr Jonathan Cullen

L 10a

Dr Susan Larsen

I 20

Dr Jason Rentfrow

J 10a

Senior Tutor

The Senior Tutor is available to all junior members.

Dr Paul Chirico

The Grove, 9

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