Borrowing Books

During term, you may borrow up to 10 books, for 2 weeks, and renew them at most 3 times.


Borrowing Books

Our clever security system and self-issue terminal are linked and allow you to borrow books 24/7.

  • Present your card, barcode up, on the red line
  • Confirm your name by pressing OK - you can also see your account details 
  • Place the books below the screen, up to 4 at a time - the list shows which books you have borrowed
  • When complete select Print Receipt or No Receipt - this gives a record of your details and current loans 
  • All books taken out of the Library MUST be checked out in this way. If they are not - you will set off the alarm and CCTV!
  • If your card does not work, please ask staff for assistance, or out of hours use a Manual Loan Slip (next to the self-issue terminal).

Returning Books

To return a book, leave it in the Returns chute in the Reception Desk. Do not put it back on the shelf.


  • You may borrow up to ten books, for two weeks, with up to three renewals.
  • DVDs may be borrowed for one week; please collect from Library Office.
  • If other readers need a book, it may be recalled from you.
  • Overdue reminders are sent weekly. If you do not respond, we will contact your Director of Studies.
  • Lending books (whether to members or non-members of College) is not allowed; you will remain liable for the book.

Vacation Borrowing

  • At the end of term, all books are recalled during the final week.
  • Vacation borrowing begins on the Thursday of the last week of Full term.
  • Books due back on the first Tuesday of the next Full Term.
  • Overdue fines are levied for the late return of vacation loans at the rate of 25p per book per day (to a maximum of £10/book).

New Members' Registration

You must present your University Card to a member of the Library staff before you can borrow books. The most convenient time to do this is during the induction tours during the first week of Michaelmas term.