Another record-breaking phone campaign

Friday, 7 April, 2017 - 13:30
Another record-breaking telephone campaign, 2017

This year’s telephone fundraising campaign, which took place from 20 March to 3 April, ended with more than £205,000 pledged to the College over the next three years – yet another record-breaking campaign for Fitzwilliam.  

The donations made by alumni will go towards supporting the Bursary Fund and Teaching Fund. The first assists students who need financial support, and the second ensures that all students receive small group supervisions led by world-leading academics.

The campaign saw 13 student callers speak to almost 600 alumni over the two-week period, and also resulted in the students gaining valuable careers advice. Some conversations lasted well over an hour, and many stories were exchanged about how Fitzwilliam has changed over the years.

The telephone campaign’s organiser Hannah Ellis-Jones said: “I’m really proud of the student calling team, they worked incredibly hard. Thank you so much to the hundreds of alumni who spoke to the students, for both their time and generosity.”

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