Welcome to new Fellows

Monday, 12 November, 2012 - 13:30

Fitzwilliam welcomes four new Fellows in 2012 – Dr Kasia Boddy, Ms Niamh Dunne, Mrs Ailsa Hunt and Dr Peter Webb.

Dr Kasia Boddy (top left) is a University Lecturer in American Literature. Her teaching and research focus primarily on American literary and cultural history. Read more »

Ms Niamh Dunne (top right) is a college lecturer in law. She supervises Tort and EU Law for undergraduates, and lectures Competition Law for LLM students at the Faculty of Law. Read more »

Mrs Ailsa Hunt (bottom left) is Isaac Newton Research Fellow. Her research interests include Roman cultural history and religion, Greco-Roman ecological thinking, divine names, and the intellectual interaction between Judaism, Christianity and paganism in antiquity. Read more »

Dr Peter Webb (bottom right) is a writer, lecturer and musician who specialises in research into popular and contemporary music, subcultures, globalisation, new media technology, politics, cultural and social theory. He is a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology. 

The following Fellows have left the College this year: Dr Richard Ansorge (retired), Dr Nuzhat Bukhari, Dr Jenny Chamarette (now lecturer in Film Studies at Queen Mary, University of London), Dr Caoimhe Nic Dhaibheid (now lecturer at the University of Sheffield), and Dr Xian Jun Loh.

Fellows in Article: 
Dr Kasia Boddy