Scholarship Application - Leathersellers Scholarship

Scholarship Application - Leathersellers Scholarship

Applicants must be ‘home’ students for tuition fee status, have studied their previous degree at a British University, and be following/applying for a NOTAF/PhD/CPGS course in Physical or Biological Sciences, Engineering or Mathematics.

The award cannot be used towards the University and College fees or basic maintenance required for admission to the course, but may be used as additional funding towards conference travel and other additional research expenses and towards living expenses. The successful applicants must therefore have full funding for their course, from another source.

Closing date 13 June

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

A note about personal statements - All the Scholarship applications require a short personal statement. Awards are made on academic grounds, taking into account the referee statements and your qualifications/grades of course. The application materials uploaded with your University application will be available to the reviewers. Your personal statement is also important. It needs to address specifically your reasons for (a) applying for the particular course (i.e. your future plans and career aspirations) and (b) applying to Fitzwilliam College (i.e. what your future involvement might be in College). Unless this is clear elsewhere in the application, it is also always helpful to know how critical it is (financially) that you receive this (additional?) funding. In the case of awards that require you to be already fully funded before you apply (such as ED Davies Scholarship) your statement can include suggestions of how the extra funding will be used.