Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship

Lee Kuan Yew Fitzwilliam Fund

The Lee Kuan Yew Fitzwilliam Fund: Honouring the past, investing in the future

Lee Kuan Yew studied Law at Fitzwilliam between 1947 and 1949, and was elected an Honorary Fellow of the College in 1969. Following Mr Lee's death in March 2015, Fitzwilliam decided to create a permanent memorial to his memory which reflected his strong belief in the power of education.

The Lee Kuan Yew Fitzwilliam Fund was established by the Governing Body of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, in 2016. The Fund offers opportunities to talented young academics either from Singapore or working in fields with some connection to Singapore and in so doing promotes intellectual exchange between Singapore and the University of Cambridge.

In 2019, a further ST Telemedia – Lee Kuan Yew Undergraduate Scholarship was established, providing opportunities to outstanding Singaporean students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Over the past century more than 150 students from Singapore have come to Fitzwilliam to expand their personal horizons and contribute to their country's success. As a result, our ties remain close, reflecting shared ambitions and mutual respect.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Lee Kuan Yew Fitzwilliam Fund builds on these historic connections between Fitzwilliam and Singapore by investing in the next generation of outstanding young scholars, and the future of our ongoing relationship.

Applications for the 2022 round of ST Telemedia – Lee Kuan Yew Undergraduate Scholarship will open in September 2021. Stay tuned!

The closing date for submissions will be in early 2022.

Awards in this scheme are made on the basis of academic excellence, and cover all tuition fees and a living and travel allowance for a Singaporean who has been affected by disability, bereavement or financial disadvantage. 

There is no bond attached. 

Applicants must apply to the University of Cambridge through the usual route, selecting Fitzwilliam College as their preferred choice.

Nicky Padfield at scholarship launch

To date, donations to the Fund have established four schemes to support graduate research, two at Masters level, and two for PhD studies, and we welcome applications from all excellent students who meet the criteria. 


Quantedge - Lee Kuan Yew Masters Scholarship - 1 award /year

Value: One award - Fully-funded (fees and maintenance)

This award is specifically for Financially disadvantaged student of Singaporean nationality.  Applications will first be approved on financial grounds and those that qualify will then be considered for the award based on academic merit.


  • Students pursuing all full-time one-year Masters courses, with the exception of MBA, MFin and PGCE, are eligible.
  • Applicant must be a financially disadvantaged student of Singaporean nationality.
  • Applicants may apply for membership at any of the University's colleges as their first choice. Studentship winners will be required to transfer College membership to Fitzwilliam College before the start of their course.

Closing date for Applications:  16 January.

Application Form - opens 1 September


The Hong Leong - Lee Kuan Yew Masters Studentship - 1 award /year

The scheme guarantees a full funding package for the successful student for a one-year course. Applicants are required to apply for available matched-funding schemes within the University and their Department. Includes all full-time one year Masters courses, with the exception of MBA, MFin and PGCE.  See below for application form and criteria related to area of study.

The Kuok Family – Lee Kuan Yew PhD Studentship - 1 or 2 awards /year

The NUS – Lee Kuan Yew PhD Studentship  - 1 or 2 awards /year

These two PhD schemes guarantee full funding packages for three years for the successful candidates, subject to successful continuation on the course.  Additional maintenance funding may be available for up to 6 months in the 4th year if needed.



(for Hong Leong, NUS and Kuok Family Studentships)

NB: The Studentships are open to all applicants regardless of nationality or subject. However, students must fulfill at least one of the following (it is not necessary to meet all three):

  • That their research requires or enables them to undertake part of their study in Singapore, OR
  • That they are participating in an academic project involving collaboration between Cambridge University and a university in Singapore, OR
  • That their academic research is clearly related to areas of research close to the interests of Lee Kuan Yew and the future development of Singapore.


  • May apply to any of the University's colleges as their first choice. Studentship winners will be required to transfer College membership to Fitzwilliam College before the start of their course; and
  • Are required to upload a pdf of their University application from as part of the Studentship application process.

Closing date for applications: 16 January

Applicants must apply for a place on their chosen course at the University, in time to meet the funding deadline for that course.

Referees will be contacted by the College after the closing date.

Application Form - opens 1 September

Shortlisted candidates will be notified in February, with interviews to be held (in person, or online) in early March