Fairtrade Tea


Fitzwilliam is a Fairtrade College

In 2009 Fitzwilliam College gained accreditation from the UK's Fairtrade Foundation as a Fairtrade College. This accreditation is renewed on a regular basis, with the last renewal in April 2016.

The College has an active Fairtrade steering group made up of students, Fellows, and staff. The objectives of this group are detailed in the Fitzwilliam College Fairtrade Policy, which demonstrates the College's commitment to supporting, promoting and using Fairtrade goods.

Fairtrade foods are available for sale in the Coffee Shop, Bar, and in the Buttery; and Fairtrade coffee and tea is served at all meetings hosted by the College. Fairtrade products are promoted within the College through regular events, most notably during the annual Fairtrade Fortnight.

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Fairtrade Dinner