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To mark the College's 50th Anniversary, the Communications and Development Offices launched the #50FitzFacts social media campaign on Friday 20 May 2016.

A daily 'Fitz Fact' was posted on our Twitter account for 50 days until 9 July when the Golden Matriculants' 1966 Event and Dinner took place in College. Below you will find all 50 of the daily 'Fitz Facts'.


1. ​Friday 20 May 2016 tweet - Fitz began in 1869 as a non-collegiate institution providing Cam education to undergrads unable to afford college membership. #50FitzFacts

2.Saturday 21 May 2016 tweet - Fitzwilliam House, as it was then known, moved into new buildings on the present site in 1963. #50FitzFacts

3. Sunday 22 May 2016 tweet - Fitzwilliam House received its Royal Charter in 1966, becoming Fitzwilliam College. #50FitzFacts

4.Monday 23 May 2016 tweet - The College was built in the grounds of The Grove, a splendid Regency house which is itself now part of the College. #50FitzFacts. 

5. Tuesday 24 May 2016 tweet - The College’s first student residences and the distinctive Hall Building, designed by Sir Denys Lasdun, were completed in 1966. #50FitzFacts

6. Wednesday 25 May 2016 tweet - In 2009 @FitzwilliamColl gained accreditation from the UK’s Fairtrade Foundation as a Fairtrade College. #50FitzFacts​

7. ​Thursday 26 May 2016 tweet - The College’s Olisa Library contains 44,000 books, reference works, journals and resources. #50FitzFacts

8. Friday 27 May 2016 tweet - Nicola Padfield MA, Dip Crim, DES is the Master of Fitzwilliam. You can watch her welcome film here. #50FitzFacts

9. Saturday 28 May 2016 - Nick Drake recorded acoustic version of River Man (Made to Love Magic album) in his room at Fitz*. #50FitzFacts

*Upon further investigation, it appears the song was actually recorded in his friend's Robert Kirby's room at Caius College. 

10. Sunday 29 May 2016 tweet - The College allotments founded in 2014 are open to all students & staff. #50FitzFacts

11. Monday 30 May 2016 tweet - The Fitz Sirens, founded over 20 years ago, are Cambridge's oldest all-female a capella group. #50FitzFacts

12. Tuesday 31 May 2016 tweet - @TheGoatPost is Fitz's termly mag written, edited & produced by students. #50FitzFacts

13. Wednesday 1 June 2016 tweet - Fitz runs annual essay competitions in Ancient World/Classics & Land Econ. #50FitzFacts

14. Thursday 2 June 2016 tweet - The College counts six @NobelPrize winners among its alumni. #50FitzFacts

15. Friday 3 June 2016 tweet - Outside 'N' staircase is a Ginkgo biloba, a primeval species 270 million years old. #50FitzFacts

16. Saturday 4 June 2016 tweet - A Bronze Age ditch, post hole and round house were found during archaeological evaluation of area where Library now stands. #50FitzFacts

17. Sunday 5 June 2016 tweet - Fitzwilliam College won University Challenge in 1973. #50FitzFacts

18. Monday 6 June 2016 tweet - College first admitted women in 1979: 37 undergrads and 2 grads. Two female Fellows were also elected that same year. #50FitzFacts

19. Tuesday 7 June 2016 tweet - The Buttery serves around 125,000 meals plus 8,000 Fairtrade teas and coffees every year! #50FitzFacts

20. Wednesday 8 June 2016 tweet - @Fitz_Bar now serves Billy-approved 50th Anniversary beer. Tried it yet? #50FitzFacts

21. Thursday 9 June 2016 tweet - There have been 11 Fitz Olympians. #Olympics2016 #50FitzFacts

22. Friday 10 June 2016 tweet - Fitz holds annual 1-day conference for sixth-formers to study Geography at university #50FitzFacts

23. Saturday 11 June 2016 tweet - His Majesty King Felipe VI of Spain is College Patron. His parents H M King Juan Carlos & Queen Sofia are Honorary Fellows #50FitzFacts

24. Sunday 12 June 2016 tweet - Fitz holds annual Careers Fair for its students. 45 alumni attended in 2015 to chat about careers. #50FitzFacts

25. Monday 13 June 2016 tweet - Fitz's sports facilities include a multi-gym, squash courts, table tennis tables & badminton court. #50FitzFacts

26. Tuesday 14 June 2016 tweet - Fitz was joint winner of 2015 Schools & Unis FreeFrom Eating Out Award #50FitzFacts

27. Wednesday 15 June 2016 tweet - 'Optima' is the College's annual newsletter. This year's issue just out! #50FitzFacts

28. Thursday 16 June 2016 tweet - The Olisa Library tower is said to be the highest point in Cambridge. #50FitzFacts

29. Friday 17 June 2016 tweet - The College's motto is 'ex antiquis et novissimis optima' (the best of the old and the new). #50FitzFacts

30. Saturday 18 June 2016 tweet - Fitz has a range of accommodation both on its main site (408 rooms) & in nearby houses (167 rooms). #50FitzFacts

31. Sunday 19 June 2016 tweet - The College started running its own shadowing scheme last year. The 2016 Shadowing Scheme will take place from 29 Nov-1 Dec. #50FitzFacts

32. Monday 20 June 2016 tweet - The Auditorium has won RIBA and Concrete Soc Awards & BDA Award for Best Public Building in 2005. #50FitzFacts

33. Tuesday 21 June 2016 tweet - MacCormac Jamieson Prichard designed the College Chapel to suggest a floating ship. #50FitzFacts

34. Wednesday 22 June 2016 tweet - Dr Ken Platts, Engineering DoS, has won Brit Veterans Best All-Rounder title 5 times. Pic: D. Jones. #50FitzFacts

35. Thursday 23 June 2016 tweet - The Master has blog where she shares her experience of College life richness. #50FitzFacts

36. Friday 24 June 2016 tweet - @FitzJCR holds annual 'Fitz Off Week' competition to see which corridor can use least energy. #green #50FitzFacts

37. Satudary 25 June 2016 tweet - Fitz is one of small number of Cam colleges to have been photographed by @google for Street View. #50FitzFacts

38. Sunday 26 June 2016 tweet - College has enterprise society, Fitz Enterprise, set up in 2014. Read more about the Society. #50FitzFacts

39. Monday 27 June 2016 tweet - Fitz holds Winter Ball every two years. 'Suspect' will take place on 1 Dec. #50FitzFacts

40. Tuesday 28 June 2016 tweet - Actor James Norton @jginorton read Theology at Fitz, graduated with 1st class hon & won prize for Buddhism & Hinduism paper. #50FitzFacts

41. Wednesday 29 June 2016 tweet - Did you know you can apply for Fitz Credit Card that helps College every time you make a purchase? #50FitzFacts

42. Thursday 30 June 2016 tweet - Fitz offers a number of graduate scholarships, travel funding and maintenance bursaries each year. #50FitzFacts

43. Friday 1 July 2016 tweet - Commemoration of the 44 Fitz men who died in WW1 is by memorial Triptych, located in the Chapel. #50FitzFacts

44. Saturday 2 July 2016 tweet - The Olisa Library has 200 study spaces and is open 24/7 for College members. #50FitzFacts

45. Sunday 3 July 2016 tweet - Foundation Lecture is Fitz's major annual public lecture, often by distinguished alumni or Fellows. #50FitzFacts

46. Monday 4 July 2016 tweet - 1st Foundation Lecture, 'Antibiotics & Therapy in Perspective', was given in 1969 by Nobel Laureate & alum Sir Ernst Chain. #50FitzFacts

47. Tuesday 5 July 2016 tweet - Fitz mascot is a billygoat. Billy loves to play hide-&-seek. Where in College will we find him next? #50FitzFacts

48. Wednesday 6 July 2016 tweet - Fitz memorabilia inc. College Luberon, cava & Champagne can be bought here. #50FitzFacts

49. Thursday 7 July 2016 tweet - Fitz holds its own Societies Fair, usually on 1st Sunday of Freshers' Week. #50FitzFacts

50. Friday 8 July 2016 tweet - Each year 5 students receive Tsuzuki Scholarships to spend a year in Japan. #50FitzFacts

Hall Building roof detail