Elif Karanis

Proud and inspired by the women of Fitz

Elif (MML 2019) won an award last year for her work with World-Class Schools - here she talks about her pride towards 40 years of women at Fitz.

How do you feel about the celebration of 40 years of women at Fitz?
Proud! Though I'm new to Cambridge and College, I feel so excited to have joined the same year as the 40th year celebrations of achievement by women at Fitzwilliam. They're all inspirations.

Do you have any advice for prospective undergraduate or postgraduate students?
Everyone has something different to offer. Admire the achievements and qualities of other people without ever doubting your own.

Has anything surprised you about Cambridge? Have you faced any challenges?
Much more inclusive and friendly than I thought! The biggest challenge of them all was moving to a brand new city with no friends/family however Cambridge made me feel so welcome.

What else do you do apart from your subject in Cambridge?
I've been training at West End Kids 2014-18 so this term I plan on investing more of my time in auditioning for musicals/dance. I also want to continue swimming competitively here in Cambridge too!

Why did you choose Cambridge? What made you choose Fitzwilliam?
I did a residential in Year 12 at Cambridge and decided to apply after talking to brilliant students and exploring the city. I visited Fitzwilliam and the vibe was down to earth, social and friendly and I decided it was right for me.

Elif Karanis