Beth Brown

Something to celebrate

Undergraduate Beth Brown (Medical Sciences 2018) explains the benefits of small supervisions and the collegiate system at Cambridge.

How do you feel about the celebration of 40 years of women at Fitz?

I think the acceptance of women into higher education is definitely something to be celebrated and I'm very glad it is something that we are recognising. In a society where there is still a lot to be done in terms of gender equality, it is important to remind ourselves of previous victories to see how far we've come and to give us the determination to continue to fight to ensure everyone is seen as equal regardless of gender.

Do you have any advice for prospective undergraduate or postgraduate students?

Back yourself! There is a real issue in terms of women not believing that they're good enough and not putting yourself out there. This is at times especially highlighted in Cambridge but it is important to make sure your voice is heard whether that is in a the supervision room or the SU.

Has anything surprised you about Cambridge? Have you faced any challenges?

The small number of female lecturers on the Medicine degree is quite shocking at times but the level of support that you receive from your friends is also something that has surprised me - in a good way.

What else do you do apart from your subject in Cambridge?

I play football and am Welfare Officer on the JCR.

Why did you choose Cambridge? What made you choose Fitzwilliam?

I chose Cambridge as I liked the fact you got taught in relatively small groups and that the collegiate system made the University feel small and homely. I chose Fitz because it is known to be a friendly, progressive college that isn't as pressurised as a few of the other ones. I also liked the fact that it wasn't old and intimidating.

Beth Brown