Fitz at 150

Bob Newton

Bob studied History then Land Economy, matriculating in 1974.

I come from a very working-class background. I gained confidence in rowing and coaching and then moved on to run FitzFilms. That brought me a position on the JMA where I did my first cost benefit analysis to get the committee to pay for some new speakers to increase our attendance. Generally, being able to be a positive contributor to groups meant I gained the self confidence to perform well at work - my Dad always said the experience "made me". 

My academic background and confidence also meant I could move into the fledgling IT industry where I have been ever since. Social contacts mean I still meet up with my old mates every year for a reunion, and this has blossomed into various inland waterways adventures including the Caledonian Canal - latter included crossing Loch Ness in a Force 4 gale. We this year did the Llangollen Canal which is the one which the highest aquaduct in the UK, built by Thomas Telford. I also spend a lot of time walking and travelling with my wife of 33 years.