Carolina Rosero

Carolina Rosero

Carolina began her MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development in 2018 as a married international student.

I come from Quito-Ecuador, I am married and came to Cambridge together with my husband. Throughout my whole life, I thought of myself as an independent and perseverant woman. I got married when I was 23 because I felt that was what I wanted to do, and I decided I wanted to come to Cambridge by the end of 2017.

Since we arrived, everything seemed to be strongly tailored for students only, besides a few 'family activities' designed for students with partners and children. However, Fitz organized one of this family parties in Michaelmas, where we met other married couples with no children. They recommended the Newcomers and Visiting Scholars Club, which was inclusive with my husband and helped him meet people and make friends while sharing multiple social activities, particularly when I had to attend lectures or seminars.

I am the only married female student in my course, and (at the beginning) I felt constantly judged by having brought my husband here with me, putting at risk our firm and even his career with these 12 months of interruption. With the passing of time, I have shown my fellow course mates that this 'married stereotype' is completely wrong: my husband wrote and submitted his Master's dissertation during our stay in Cambridge, I have managed to get my assignments done and attend my lectures, seminars and other academic events. But, most importantly, we have been together to share every bit of our daily lives, just like we used to do back home.

Coming to Cambridge with your partner is an opportunity of living this amazing experience together. Fitz provides College accommodation for couples, encouraging applicants to bring their partners and share the experience of living and studying abroad. It has been both challenging and refreshing to come together, but that is for every couple or family to decide and not for external spectators.