David Wurtzel
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David Wurtzel

David matriculated in 1971 as a law student.

The idea of a Cambridge stereotype means nothing to me - my only preconception was that everyone would be extremely clever because that is what a top university is about. In fact it was very diverse - not in the 2019 meaning of diverse - but a range of talent, industriousness, intellect and backgrounds. I was learning how I fit into a society I would be living in and who I felt comfortable with and to try to gain an insight into how people saw me. You don't learn about life at university (it is far too cosseted) but you learn how to grow up, and it's only after you grow up that you can cope with life.

Fitz has always been a very open place. Physically the college was quite new and raw -it is a very different place now - so less of a place to hang out. Even then though the dons were going round schools getting them to stop telling students that 'Cambridge isn't for you'. It is a major reason why I saw Cambridge as a diverse place, devoted to talent rather than class, and why it was less of a shock when I left. It is wonderful that a college plays such an important and nurturing part in an undergraduate's life but it is also the key in to Cambridge and to the infinite opportunities that open out to you. I am eternally grateful.