Eva-Maria Ahrer
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Eva-Maria Ahrer

Eva Maria began her course in physics in 2018. She grew up in rural Austria and worked throughout her final exams in order to afford her course.

In my family, my generation is the first one to study at university level and especially studying abroad is not something people do where I am from. My hometown is very small in the middle of rural Austria and more than half of my year from secondary school did not even continue to do A-levels. Affording to study at Cambridge, let alone live here, that was only possible because I was working for around 10 hours a week while studying, as well as full-time during vacations. Of course, it also took loads of hours of studying to get high enough grades in order to even be considered.    

I was worried that I wouldn't fit in, that it'd be hard to find friends, coming from a rural foreign village. However, Fitz is such a warm and welcoming place, I felt accepted and encouraged and like I'm invincible. All the social activities and also possibilities to engage academically with each other made my experience here very valuable.