Jeffrey Smith
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Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey matriculated in 1964 to study natural sciences. He went to school in East London which had little tradition of Oxbridge entry.

I attended a small and 'lowly' east-London Grammar school with no tradition of Oxbridge entry - to my knowledge only two such since the school was founded in the 1920s. There was no special tuition available for Oxbridge entry though the school did all it could to help me with the entry requirements (which at the time were use of English and a second European language).

Fitzwilliam gave me the sense that everything was possible and the confidence to pursue my 'dreams' (which, for me, were not about achieving wealth - indeed, I spent the latter part of my career as an ordained clergyman on the least pay of my life!). The collegiate system at Cambridge gave me a sense of identity and community - even with Fitz members I have never met! It also widened my experience beyond measure in a 'safe' environment - people met, sports played, views and attitudes encountered. I still 'view the world' through the eyes of my Fitzwilliam experience and am proud to think of myself as a member of the College.