Kim Hetherington

Kim Hetherington

Kim studied for her MPhil in History in 2017, having got her undergraduate degree at the Open University, as a mature student.

I was a mature (over 50) post-graduate student at Cambridge in a cohort of bright young 20-somethings. My pathway to Cambridge came via the study of a history degree with the Open University while I was taking a career break/raising my children. I have a passion for history. Born on the outskirts of London, my parents were 'war babies' and had not received a good education, although there were educationists in my background up until the early 20th Century. My experience revealed that my earlier perception of Cambridge as a place purely for wealthy elites was ill-founded.    

I selected Fitz as a college for various reasons. I liked the fact that the intake included students from all backgrounds and from all over the world. I lived a few miles north of Cambridge and so Fitz was a good fit/base with parking on-site or nearby. I also liked that the college had a female master. 

I am proud to have studied and gained an MPhil at Cambridge and Fitz played a large part in my achievement. It provided me with an excellent base to study with a fabulous, quiet library, friendly cafe, relaxing gardens and within easy reach from both home and the history faculty. My supervisor was enthusiastic, patient and supportive and has remained so while I have gone back to work and continued my research to try to produce a paper - I hope to study for a PhD in the near future. My experience was quite different to many of those younger and/or older students who were living at Fitz. However, I felt included, have made lots of wonderful friends, and would fully recommend my children/others to consider an application to Cambridge, and especially to Fitz.