Kirstie Goodchild
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Kirstie Goodchild

Kirstie began her Psychological and Behavioural Science undergraduate degree in 2018. She is the first in her family to go to university.

I am a first generation student so challenge the Cambridge stereotype of students being here based on ancestry and wealth, since I am here based purely on my passion for Psychology and my hard work. I am also from West Yorkshire, students from which aren't as well represented as students from more southern areas like London.    

Living at Fitzwilliam has been an important part of my Cambridge journey, due to the fact Fitz is slightly out of town and modern. By not being as central as other colleges and being full of calm green spaces, choosing Fitz has allowed me to take time out from the hustle and bustle, and more historic and traditional side, of central Cambridge. Thus, Fitz has given me a safe space in Cambridge which is peaceful, welcoming and feels like home. Moreover, many students at Fitz are also down to earth and from less stereotypical backgrounds like me, so I have always been able to be myself, and feel comfortable and supported doing so, here.