Rensa Gaunt
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Rensa Gaunt

Rensa began studying MML in 2015, and identifies with a number of CUSU’s liberation campaigns. As a current student she is involved in work which tries to break down stereotypes and attitudes that discourage applicants from minority backgrounds.

I spent much of my time at university trying to make space for people between identities: i.e. people who happened to be not just LGBT+ or disabled or working class, but potentially all three. Even nowadays I hear comments about "my sort" being a novelty at Cambridge, and so I have always tried to exist vocally, to push for positive change both structurally and socially. The University is a place founded on traditions, and many staff and students are reluctant to modernise, and I have tried to do my bit to reduce the negative impact that this has had on minority students.    

Fitz provided me with multiple forms of funding to make sure my family background didn't negatively impact my time at university. It also brought me together with students from similar situations to mine and was a great place to live. The fact that Fitz is not an overly-traditional College has really allowed me to see beyond the traditional gowns and Latin chanting, and to see the University as the changing and changeable space that it is.