Sophie Metcalfe
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Sophie Metcalfe

Sophie began studying Geography at Fitz in 2017, but initially worried about taking up her offer as a state-educated student. 

In many ways, I am not a picture of diversity; I am white, heterosexual, cisgender, and identify as middle class. However, I was state-educated and I remember being very intimidated by the reputation of Cambridge students as overwhelmingly privately-educated, traditional, and out of touch with mainstream society. I seriously considered passing up on my offer because I was worried I wouldn't have enough in common with my peers to form close, long-lasting friendships. Having been here for two years now, I am very glad I decided to take my place.

The Fitz community has been very friendly, open and supportive, and whilst things like formal dinners initially made me feel out of my depth, I found many of my friends felt the same way. Despite not being the stereotypical Cambridge student in some ways, I have always felt welcome at Fitz. The reputation of Fitz as a friendly College which was founded to increase access to Cambridge was a major reason for my applying here. This reputation was then backed up by the students and staff I met when I visited the college, who were all very enthusiastic about the college and its community and greatly reduced my worries about not fitting in here.