Steven Labedz
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Steven Labedz

Steven began studying Natural Sciences in 1976, coming from a working-class background in the North of England.

I was a son of a war veteran immigrant, and educated in a small, northern comprehensive school which had only just converted from being a secondary modern school.

Fitz was a relatively diverse and remarkably cohesive college at which I never felt "out of place" (not that I was really expecting to). Spending three years learning there allowed me a very great insight into valuing people by their thoughts, deeds and actions and not their appearance or background. This has been invaluable in my nearly 40 years in the state education system, where I hope I have opened hundreds, if not thousands, of doors for young people who would certainly not see themselves as "Cambridge stereotypes", many of whom joined school either not realising universities existed or being sure that they couldn't go there.