Thinesh Pathmajara
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Thinesh Pathmajara

Thinesh matriculated in 2015 as a medicine student. He identifies with a number of CUSU’s liberation campaigns.

Although I believe we are all privileged in many different ways, I overcame a combination of obstacles in order to get to Cambridge. This includes escaping domestic violence by fleeing home, getting to Cambridge from a homeless shelter, coming from a non-English speaking household, being a first-generation university student, from a very low income (free school meals) background. My parents were both refugees from Sri Lanka and I lost my mother to cancer when I was 10. On the other hand, my privileges include having a dad who loved me for the first 10 years of my life, going to a posh state grammar secondary school which did significantly increase my aspirations.

Fitzwilliam college gave me the opportunity to prove myself by giving me my A*A*A offer, despite having poor personal circumstances. My tutors have been supportive in times of poor health. They've also provided me with two scholarships, as well as the bursary, and have empowered me through the presence of JCR welfare BAME and working class roles.