Will Adams
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Will Adams

Will matriculated in 1971 and studied English.

When I learned I was being entered for Cambridge, I imagined it wouldn't be for me - lots of very clever people swanning around in gowns and mortar-boards spouting Greek. Of course, when I arrived I found it was full of ordinary people like me - some very intelligent, admittedly, but some clever and surprisingly dumb. I never felt out of place.    

Unwittingly Fitz was pivotal to my future life. This had nothing at all to do with the academic side, but one particular friendship I made led to my meeting my wife and influenced my future career and pretty well everything that has happened to me since 1974. Without those three years I would be a completely different person with a different wife, family, job and home. Spooky! The featured photo shows me (left) in 1973 with that particular friend, Martin Smith, and Douglas Adams, as revue group Adams-Smith-Adams.