Fitz at 150

Zayn Richards

Zayn began studying History at Fitz in 2018. He is mixed race and attended a comprehensive school; in 2018-19 he has been a member of the JCR’s Target and Access Subcommittee. 

For me, the two most prominent stereotypes surrounding Oxbridge hinge on class and race. There is this idea that all students that attend Cambridge are middle-class and white. As a comprehensive school student from a mixed heritage background, I did feel a bit apprehensive when applying and when I received my offer.

I think Fitz has done a lot to combat the traditional misconceptions of what Cambridge is like. I have been privileged to meet a diverse range of people in my first year, who, like me, do not fit neatly into the 'Cambridge stereotype'.  Access events and BME socials have also made me feel like I do fit in at Cambridge and that Fitz, along with the University, does care about my welfare.