The Governing Body elects as Bye-Fellows distinguished academics, researchers and others who contribute significantly to Fitzwilliam's teaching and other activities.

  • Moreed Arbabzadah, Bye-Fellow
    Research: Latin and Greek linguistics; epigraphy; textual criticism; bilingualism; medieval Latin verse
  • Dr Mark Arends
    | Subject:
  • The Venerable John Beer
    Wine Steward
  • Dr Helen Bettinson
  • Dr Andrew Buckley
  • Ms Georgina Cannon, Bye-Fellow
  • Prof Monojit Chatterji
    Director of Studies, Economics
  • Dr Victoria Condie
    Research: Links between text and image in the late Anglo-Saxon period
  • Dr Hilary Cremin
    Research: Restorative justice / restorative approaches in schools; citizenship education; peer mediation; student-centred discipline;PSHE; social justice
  • Dr Aaron D'Sa
    Research: Medical consent, DNACPR decisions
  • Dr Fiona Danks, Bye-Fellow
  • Dr Joao Duarte, Bye-Fellow
    Research: Macroeconomics, Housing, Monetary Policy
  • Brendan Dyck
  • Dr Alice Evans
    Director of Studies, Geography
    Research: Causes of change and continuity in gender ideologies and practices
  • Dr Victor Gomes, Bye-Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
    Research: Program verification and correctness, interactive theorem proving systems, algebraic methods in computer science, Kleene algebras, concurrency, and distributive systems.
  • Dr Andrew Hacket Pain
    Director of Studies, Geography
    Research: Forest Ecology and Biogeography, with a focus on European forests
  • Dr Robert Harle
    Director of Studies, Computer Science
    Research: Wired and wireless sensor networks; positioning systems, indoors and outdoors; context-aware middleware and applications; wearable computing; mobile applications;
  • Dr Yeonsook Heo
    Director of Studies, Architecture
    Research: Environmental performance of buildings, performance-based design, building performance modelling and simulation
  • Mr Danny Ho, Bye-Fellow
    Research: Synthetic methodology, C–H activation
  • Dr Graeme Jenkinson, Fitzwilliam College Bye-Fellow
    Research: computer security, authentication, usability, distributed systems, system tracing and performance