Hayley MacPherson

Dr Hayley Macpherson

Hayley is currently the Herchel Smith Fellow in the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology in DAMTP. She is originally from Melbourne, Australia, where she completed her PhD in Astrophysics at Monash University in 2019.

She is interested in investigating the role of Einstein's theory of General Relativity in the formation of the large-scale galaxy structure of the Universe. During her PhD, she performed cosmological simulations that solve Einstein's equations directly to measure the curvature of spacetime that arises due to Mega-parsec scale structures. During her time at Cambridge, she will be extending this research to analyse General-Relativistic effects on our cosmological observations by studying the propagation of light rays through her simulations.

Aside from the entire Universe, Hayley loves surfing, running, swimming, and live music.