Leo Mesquita

Dr Léo C. C. Mesquita

Léo C. C. Mesquita is a Research Associate at the Engineering Department. His current research, sponsored by Rolls-Royce, focuses on numerical modelling of ignition phenomena in gas turbine combustors. This work is done in the context of the Clean Sky 2 Proteus project, which has the objective of reducing the carbon footprint and pollutant emissions of civil aircrafts.

He started working with technologies aiming to decrease pollutant emissions in aeronautical gas turbines during his PhD, which he did at the EM2C Laboratory, CentraleSupelec in Paris – France. The main objective of Léo’s PhD thesis was to investigate various unsteady phenomena that must be understood to guarantee the safety and stability of new combustion chamber designs, namely the interaction of the liquid fuel and the flame, the triggering of thermoacoustic instabilities and flame shape transitions.

He obtained his MSc in Combustion and Numerical Fluid Dynamics from ENSTA ParisTech and his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

His main research interests are the dynamics and modeling of turbulent flames, liquid fuel modelling, flame-flow interactions and the stability of flames in the context of improving combustion processes in civil aeronautical engines to reduce pollutant emissions.